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Interview Jorge Oliveira Ceo

Today I speak with Jore Oliveira, CEO of Kollectbox, a startup based in UK, which will be the reference for collectors

  • Brief description of your startup partners

Jorge Oliveira (CEO) has been an entrepreneur for the past nine years. He’s been working as a project manager and team member in R&D projects since 2004. As a young boy he collected several items like cards and marbles. As a geology student he started collecting minerals.

Manuel Garcia (Business Developer) is Zarpamos CEO, a technology incubator, specialized in mobile technology and web.

Shira Abel(Marketing advisor) is the CEO and Lead Strategist at Hunter & Bard, a marketing & Branding agency for tech companies. She is also a 500startup mentor.

Abel Soares (Backend developer & Co-founder) has a Masters in Computing – Computer Graphics and Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing and has been working for several companies and teaching at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo since 2009.

Luis Oliveira (UX/UI Designer & Co-founder) has a degree in Graphic Design and has been working as a web designer for several digital companies. He owns a small stamp collection.

Rafael Azevedo (Frontend Developer & Co-founder) has a degree in Computer Graphics and Multimédia Engineering and has been working as a freelance developer since 2009.

  • What is your startup / product / service ?

Kollectbox is the marketplace for stamp, coin and banknote collectors.

There’s the opportunity to match, in a single platform, tools collectors use to manage and exchange collections with a marketplace.

  • As the idea comes?

The initial idea was to develop an IOS mobile app that allowed collectors to manage, share and exchange collections and our intention was just to develop it for fun.

  • which means the company name?

A box of collections.

  • What steps have you taken?

1 – We started developing the IOS mobile app and, at the same time, started interviewing collectors and dealers. From the information gathered from the interviews we realized that a webapp for collectors to manage, share and exchange collections was needed.

2 – We postponed the mobile app and launched an MVP with 20 users. Afterwards we launched a private beta and increased the number of users.

With the feedback provided by users we realized we needed to focus on stamps, coins and banknotes. Users should also be allowed to buy and sell collections.

3 – We launched a public beta for stamp, coin and banknote collectors to buy, sell, manage, share and exchange.

4 – Our fourth release was a public beta marketplace aiming at stamp, coin and banknote collectors and dealers.

5 – Our final release is the kollectbox marketplace, where only professional dealers are allowed to trade. We are focusing on a high value and good quality marketplace.

  • At what point do you feel?

Now, our main goal is to sign in as much professional dealers as we can. We need to be able to sell good quality items do collectors.

  • What perspective do you have for your business in the next six months?

The next 6 months are all about traction and growth, both on the dealer and the collector side.

  • Zarpamos what has brought you?

Zarpamos is and was of the utmost importance while kollectbox went through the lean startup process providing us with the mentoring we needed. They are truly a hands on accelerator.

  • Advice for people who undertake first

First you must choose a big market, then select your co-founders and your mentors.

Afterwards you must segment the market in order to develop a product that fits that niche market. Only then, after understanding the needs and pains of your niche market customers will you focus on growing to a bigger market.


Tema: Baskerville 2 por Anders Noren.

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